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DDD is not actually a disease. It describes wear and tear on the spine, particularly age-related degeneration of the discs, those little spongy cushions that separate the vertebrae and act as shock absorbers.

Symptoms can include chronic back pain, neck pain, radiating leg and arm pain as well as tingling, pins and needles or weakness in the arms, hand, legs or feet. Treatments for DDD can include lumbar spine surgery, disc replacement surgery, robotic surgery, lower back pain treatment, minimally invasive spinal fusion and extreme lateral interbody fusion and nonsurgical procedures.

If you have degenerative disc disease, Dr. Zahrawi can help. He has been a pioneer in leading edge, minimally invasive, robotics in surgery and microsurgical procedures for over 30 years. He is also a caring, skilled physician who has treated thousands of patients with great outcomes.

Find treatment for degenerative disc disease in Celebration, FL. We also welcome patients from Four Corners, Orlando, Leesburg and Lakeland. Call us at 407.566.4411 or use our convenient Request an Appointment form.


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