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Proven Experience in Treating Spine Conditions

From helping alleviate the pain and discomfort of age-related conditions, to surgically treating severe spinal injuries and disorders, our experience working with patients across a full spectrum of diagnoses is proven. While each patient’s story is unique, the following patient testimonials express our genuine commitment to improving your quality of life and helping you live pain free.

K. L

One year ago today Dr. Zahrawi gave me my life back!!!

Dr. Z shared his gift of healing and performed a TLIF with cage L5-S1to repair damage and relieve back pain due to strenuous activity working as a Paramedic then Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room, Cath Lab and OR/PACU helping patients, push stretchers and beds, as well as take care of my Mother as Parkinson’s Disease progressed to the point where she required care to perform every activity of life until her peaceful passing.

The three months prior to surgery I was only able to lay on my right side in bed except for requiring assistance to take a few slow painful steps to the bathroom.

The day of surgery my life started over thanks to Dr. Z – a few hours after surgery I was able to go home and was able to WALK into my house, the following day I sent my husband back to work because I was able to rest and slowly get up and walk around the house by myself!!  Recovery has continued at a steady pace and I was able to continue to increase the distance walked as the weeks and months progressed. I was able to return to work (in an office) after 3 months.

I feel blessed and am thankful to Dr. Z for healing me and making it possible for me to walk!!!

I am proud to have completed (so far):

5  –  5K’s
2  –  10K’s
1  – Half Marathon (Guts to Glory Medal) to honor Dr. Z and the progress I have made and will continue to make!!

God Bless You Dr. Z

C. D

I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease at L4/L5 of the Lumbar Spine in June of 1997. Over the years the lower back pain grew steadily worse to the point that my husband asked me how much longer before he’d be pushing me around in a wheelchair.  That got me thinking that IF the medical technology improved to the point that I could possibly have any type of minimally invasive back surgery, that I’d research it.  I’d heard about too many back surgeries that went wrong and felt as long as I could keep taking pain pills to cope with the pain, I’d continue on.

In January 2001 I underwent DRS System treatment for disc decompression 4 times a week for 6 weeks at the Orlando Pain & Medical Rehabilitation Center in Altamonte Springs, FL. My back pain subsided for several years but in June 2006, I found myself having spine adjustments with a Chiropractor.  When I realized they only helped temporarily and I was spending a lot of money, I bought an Inversion Table.  Again, this provided temporary relief.

In 2008, I received information in the mail from Florida Hospital at Celebration Health introducing Dr. Faissal Zahrawi, Director of their Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute.  He was performing minimally invasive spinal fusion surgeries.  I scheduled an appointment with him.  He told me all my trips to the Chiropractor and my use of Inversion Table would not heal my back.  Then he looked me strain the eyes and said, “I will heal your back”.   September 2008 I had a lower back MRI and October 2008 Dr. Zahrawi performed Lumbar Fusion Surgery on L-4 & L-5 Degenerative Disks.

1 year 9 months later and I am more active now than I was before I had the back surgery.  I exercise daily before I get ready for work (from 7 – 7:30 AM) to a show called “Total Body Sculpt with Gilad” on the FIT TV channel.  I’ve lost 20 pounds and can chase after and pick up grandkids without even thinking that 2 years ago my back was riddled with pain.

With the help of God, Dr. “Z” truly did heal my back, he’s my HERO, I will NEVER forget what an amazing surgeon he is and I will be forever grateful to him! Thank you for allowing me the privilege of offering my testimony.

S. M

At the end of my initial consultation with Dr. Zahrawi, he looked at me and said the words all patients want to hear, “I will take away your pain and make you better”.  These encouraging words along with the accolades of many residents of my 55 and older community here in Solvita convinced me that I found the doctor who would repair the damage to my lower back and alleviate the pain of sciatica and the agony of liming that had gotten progressively worse over the prior 18 months.

I first damaged my disk in 1995 and steroid injections over the years were enough to eliminate the pain.  Back surgery was always to be the last process and was to be held off as long as possible.

Surgery was a definite need by December, 2009 and I had a consult with another surgeon who did not give me the confidence I needed to work with him.  From the first minute I met Dr. Z I knew that he was the surgeon I needed to make me whole again.

Four disk fusion surgery was performed on January 27 and I went home on January 29 and straight to bed.  I awoke in the morning to hear my neighbors making breakfast and I came out on a walker from the bedroom.  By noon I put the walker aside and never used it again the house.  By noon, I realized that all of my pain was gone and that the sciatica I had lived with for months was a thing of the past.

I may not be the norm for patient recovery when I tell you that in the six months since surgery, I have not had one minute of pain-ever!  I stopped using pain medication four days after surgery and never took another pill.  I was given the go ahead to drive two weeks after surgery and returned to my normal life much faster than I expected.

A great surgeon is the first step to being able to recover.  The rest is up to the patient.  This patient did the walking and stair climbing ordered up by his doctors.  This patient longed to go back to gym class and yoga class and I was do that after only 10 weeks.


I’ll never forget this; your first words to me after looking at the x-ray of my back were, “You’re going to love me when I’m done with you!” Immediately following the surgery I was thoroughly impressed. The pain in the butt and leg  were 99%+ gone (just a tiny little twinge once or twice and that may have been because of the way I moved), the discomfort in my back from the surgery was minimal tightness and the expected soreness around the wounds was likely some arthritic issues. Other than stiffness I felt pretty good, all things considered. Aside from the immediate post-surgery discomfort, which was to be expected and minimal, I have been completely pain free since I woke up in the recovery room.

The hospital staff was simply outstanding – I was REALLY impressed by everybody there from the Concierge to the “neighborhood” receptionists (I love that term; not wards, wings or departments – neighborhoods), the techs, the nurses and the physicians. I am only too well aware that I am not an easy patient to deal with and the minor scheduling snafu did nothing to improve my frame of mind (I don’t know why I get upset over those things. I used to run passenger trains in New England and at times we could screw up a schedule to an extent that belies the imagination. Scheduling problems are a fact of life in certain professions and I should accept it better.) I simply can’t say enough good things about the nurses, particularly in the recovery area. They fed me, watered me, watched over me, paid attention to my wife (by the way, she told me you made it a point to speak with her and give her the “keepsake” fluoroscope photos – your taking the time to do that was greatly appreciated by me; I’ll have the screw photo laminated), made sure all my questions were answered and expedited getting me out of there without letting me go before I was ready.  Total time at the hospital from arrival to departure was approximately 10 hours, and I was two hours early due to a misunderstanding.

I was uncomfortable for the first half of the ride home, but by the time we got on 27 North I felt decent but sore. When I got home I had nausea for about two  minutes but that passed and did not return. I ate around 9:00 PM, watched TV until 11:00 PM, and took one each of the prescribed pills as a precaution before going to bed. I got up once when I couldn’t put it off around 4:30 AM and then got up for good at 6:30 AM, which is pretty standard for me. Thereafter my use of the pain medication and muscle relaxant was sporadic and infrequent. I still have about half of the pain pills.

Surgery was January 14 and I was back playing golf and umpiring at the college level on April 6 – less than three months following fusion of two disks. Pretty amazing!

I was once a short-term patient at Massachusetts General Hospital and Susan was a patient at Massachusetts Eye and Ear on two occasions (she had surgery on each ear by one of the best in the world – everybody else said it couldn’t be done). I consider both to be among the finest medical facilities in the world. Your expertise has allowed me to resume playing golf and umpiring completely pain free, which in my opinion puts you in that same league.

My apologies for taking up your time, but I wanted to make sure I got across how appreciative I am of the fine work you did. In any event, once again my thanks; I do indeed  “feel the love!”


“After Surgery, I am feeling free of pain. I can do a lot of activities that I couldn’t do before without pain. I am so grateful to Dr. Zahrawi. If I would have known that my results were going to be this effective, I would have done this procedure before – without any doubt.”


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One year ago today Dr. Zahrawi gave me my life back!!!

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